Stackers Blush Lidded Jewellery Tray

Stackers Blush Lidded Jewellery Tray

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Blush Classic Jewellery Box Lid Made With Vegan Leather & Velvet.
Stackers jewellery boxes are designed so you can create your own by choosing which layers and accessories best suit your unique collection.
The classic jewellery box lid is the ideal start to your jewellery box or as a stand-alone piece. With compartments for small rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, it’s perfect for your everyday jewellery.

You can make your Stacker using the same or a selection of different layers depending on the jewellery that you have. The more you have in your jewellery collection the higher your Stacker can go. Stackers are ideally suited for putting on top of one another, but, they also well suited to laying flat in a draw.


The classic Stacker Lidded tray measures 25 x 18 x 4 cm.

Product Code: 73760