Coeur De Lion Jewellery

A new generation of classics.
Carola Eckrodt combines classic jewellery colours to create fresh, timeless pieces in the ELEGANTCOEUR line. Cool silver meets a soft pearly white or is contrasted with warm rose gold and twinned with cinnamon and milky grey. In a second colour scheme, silver is combined with bright sapphire blue as the basis for timelessly beautiful pieces of jewellery such as pendants and woven crystal pearl necklaces.
Colourful, without being lurid.
In the creations of the JOYFULCOEUR line, Carola Eckrodt makes full use of contrasts and combines the four basic colour schemes from the ELEGANTCOEUR line with shades from the chromatic colour wheel. The designer takes delicate hues such as rose gold, silver and white and then adds lemon yellow, mandarin, lilac, sapphire, aquamarine and peridot to create fresh, vibrant jewellery with COEUR DE LION’s trademark use of colour.

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