Edblad Jewellery

Edblad Jewellery

Edblad was founded in 2006 by designers Hans and Cathrine Edblad. On the island of Singö, in the far northern part of Stockholm archipelago, the couple have a studio with a view over the Sea of Åland. Here, they create new jewellery, clothing and furnishings for style conscious customers worldwide. Working with a vast range of materials from stainless steel, brass and rose gold, Hans and Cathrine’s innovative experimentation always ensures surprises and new creative solutions. The designers still work from their island studio but Edblad’s headquarters are now in Norrtälje with eight stores; Stockholm (Norrmalmstorg, Old Town and Kungsholmen), Norrtälje, Gåsvik, Smögen, Grisslehamn and Öregrund, plus retailers in several countries of which Cliftons is proud to be one in the UK Edblad has become a valued and recognized part of the Scandinavian design world. The Edbland Jewellery collection is available to buy online with Free UK Delivery.
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