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The Swarovski Crystal Bird collection features feathered beauties from around the world. Each Swarovski bird is created using Swarovski's unique production process using the finest Swarovski clear and coloured crystal. From the wise owls to the magnificent Woodpeckers, within the Swarovski Birds collection you will find an array of stunning Swarovski figurines to bring delicate beauty to your collection. The fire opal beaks of the Swarovski Love Birds bring natures colour into the range whilst the simplicity of the clear crystal used to create the Swarovski Swan allows light to sparkle through your collection. The stunning Swarovski Crystal Paradise birds featuring the Bee-Eaters showcases the unrivalled quality of the Swarovski collection of animals and figurines which continues to set Swarovski as the world leaders in the production of crystal gifts and collectables.
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